【NEWS】SHONAN 2021 Photo Campaign

【NEWS】SHONAN 2021 Photo Campaign

“Coca-Cola” Slim Bottle Let’s post a moment with SHONAN design.

-Coca-Cola goods will be presented to 30 people by lottery! ~

“Coca-Cola” slim bottle SHONAN design that makes you feel SHONAN in your daily life.

In this campaign, 30 people will be selected by lottery for those who took a picture or video of the scenery of this “Coca-Cola” slim bottle Shonan design and posted it with the hashtag “# feelshonan2021”. Get Coca-Cola goods!


■ Application period: October 25th (Monday) -November 23rd (Tuesday), 2021

* Applications may be closed during the period depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection.

■ Eligibility for application:

If you have a personal account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

■ How to apply:

(1)  Follow FeelSHONAN’s official account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

* Click here for Facebook account → https://www.facebook.com/FeelSHONAN/

* Click here for Twitter account → https://twitter.com/feel_en

* Click here for Instagram account → https://www.instagram.com/feelshonan/

(2) After agreeing to the application rules, attach the hashtag “# feelshonan2021” to the scenery with the “Coca-Cola” slim bottle Shonan design that you took with your own photo or video, along with the “location” and “comment”. Please attach and post.

* 1: To apply, you need to follow the FeelSHONAN official SNS account and both the hashtag.

* 2: Posts outside the recruitment period will not be eligible for application. Please be careful.
■ Winning announcement: December 2021

【NEWS】SHONAN 2021 Photo Campaign

October 25th (Monday) -November 23rd (Tuesday), 2021

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