[NEWS] Zushi beach and marina simultaneously acquire international environmental certification "Blue Flag"

[NEWS] Zushi beach and marina simultaneously acquire international environmental certification

The Blue Flag is an international environment for beaches, marina, and sightseeing boats acquired by the international NGO “FEE” (Foundation for Environmental Education) in 4,831 locations (as of November 2021) in 50 countries around the world. Authentication.

Blue Flag Certification aims to achieve sustainable development in beaches, marina and tourist boats through an annual review of more than 30 stringent standards for water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, safety and service. ..

This time, “Zushi Beach” and “Riviera Zushi Marina” in Zushi have acquired the Blue Flag certification, making it the first beach marina in Asia to be acquired at the same time.


<Zushi Beach>

Zushi City, in collaboration with the Zushi Beach Business Cooperative, conducted a survey on whether the water quality, barrier-free, safety measures, etc. of Zushi Beach meet the blue flag standards during 2021, and after an international examination, 2022 It was certified on April 27, 2014. Even after the acquisition, we will update it every year to identify areas for improvement, and under the banner of the Blue Flag, we will make sustainable efforts so that all coastal personnel, citizens, and users can feel at ease and enjoy the beautiful environment of the sea for future generations. Will be done.


<Riviera Zushi Marina>

Marina, which has stricter standards for acquiring the blue flag than beaches, has six categories (1) water quality, 2) environmental education and information, 3) environmental management, 4) safety and services, 5) CSR (corporate social responsibility), and 6) society and communities. (Additional participation in) and 38 criteria must be met, and criteria have been added to reduce environmental pollution and environmental burden. Riviera Zushi Marina has acquired the first marina certification in Asia.


<Other certified beaches in Kanagawa Prefecture>

Yuigahama (Yuigahama) beach official site

Enoshima Katase Nishihama / Kugenuma Beach –Blue Flag Official Homepage


<Other domestic certified beaches>

・ Wakasawada Beach, Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture (2016)

・ Suma Beach, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture (2019)

・ Motosuka Beach, Sammu City, Chiba Prefecture (2019)

[NEWS] Zushi beach and marina simultaneously acquire international environmental certification "Blue Flag"

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