It is also the place of departure when you go out to sea with a charter boat (a chartered motorboat with an operator).
With a charter boat, you can enjoy the view from the sea, spend a little extra time with your family,
have a surprise party with friends, have a plan to enjoy it casually, and enjoy the private ocean space.
You Here we introduce profiles of 17 marinas and Ports that extend from Yokohama in Tokyo Bay to Hiratsuka in Sagami Bay.


KMC Yokohama Marina (4 min 30 sec version)

KMC Yokohama Marina (3 min version) Click here

Sajima Marina (4 min 30 sec version)

Sajima Marina (3 min version) Click here

Things to enjoy in the marina of Kanagawa

Charter boat, rental boat, cruising, sailing, fishing, food, shopping, barbecue, vessel license acquisition


Marina of Kanagawa 17 selections

The 17 marinas introduced here are marinas and Ports in Kanagawa Prefecture and some other marinas
that are members of the Japan Marina Beach Association.

Oiso Port

Oiso Port has been improved, and pleasure boats can now dock.
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Oiso Oiso Port
KMC Yokohama Marina

Leave it to us to plan out the best charter cruise!
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Yokohama KMC Yokohama Marina
Yokohama Bay Side Marina

A merged marine resort attached to hotels and outlets.
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Yokohama Yokohama Bay Side Marina
Sunny Side Marina Uraga

Beginners can feel at ease, with many services offered to fulfill your time at the ocean.
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Yokosuka Sunny Side Marina Uraga
City Marina Velasis

A paradise that makes all marine lifestyles come to life.
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Yokosuka City Marina Velasis
Aburatsubo Keikyu Marina

An old established marina that holds a long history of Miura’s ocean.
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Miura Aburatsubo Keikyu Marina
Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)

A harbor exclusive for yachts surrounded in greenery and scenic Aburatsubo Bay.
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Miura Aburatsubo Yacht Harbor (Misaki Marine)
Seabonia Marina

The origin of a resort marina in which beautiful nature can be enjoyed to the fullest.
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Miura Seabonia Marina
Sajima Marina

A marine resort with a hotel, restaurant, and pool attached.
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Yokosuka Sajima Marina
Shonan Sunny Side Marina

A Marina popular amongst those who like the outdoors and want to make the most fun out of their stay in Sagami Bay.
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Yokosuka Shonan Sunny Side Marina
Hayama Marina

A marine lifestyle that can only be experienced in Hayama is right here.
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Hayama Hayama Marina
Hayama Port

The origin of Japan’s yacht. There are many popular tourist destinations around.
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Hayama Hayama Port
Kotsubo Marina

A marina that has a homely and local feel.
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Zushi Kotsubo Marina
Riviera Zushi Marina

This is a marina that promises the best marine lifestyle in Shonan.
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Zushi Riviera Zushi Marina
Enoshima Yacht Harbor (Shonan Port)

This is Shōnan’s landmark and holy ground for sailors.
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Fujisawa Enoshima Yacht Harbor (Shonan Port)
River Port Marina

A Marine Leisure Area where Boat Anglers Assemble
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Hiratsuka River Port Marina
Shonan Marina

Hotels and restaurants are adjoined, and the central road is open giving a rise in accessibility.
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Hiratsuka Shonan Marina