Accepting participation:Sea taxi passengers

Accepting participation:Sea taxi passengers

Would you like to enjoy the scenery that can only be seen from the sea by cruising on a small boat?

Kanagawa Prefecture utilizes the scenery from the sea and the tourism resources along the coast of Sagami Bay to attract many people to the sea of ​​Kanagawa and develops “marine tourism.” As one of these efforts, we will collaborate with business operators to conduct a demonstration experiment for the full-scale operation of “marine taxis,” which will allow you to experience the charm of the sea without worrying about traffic jams and travel in comfort as if you were on a cruise. .
In addition, in this demonstration experiment, we will take measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.


1 Overview
A ship with a capacity of 12 people or less (including the captain) moves between pre-determined anchorages.


(1) Implementation date: 25 days from October 17 (Monday) to November 28 (Monday)
*The route varies depending on the implementation date.
* Depending on weather conditions, etc., the implementation period, etc. may change.


(2) Implementation route:
A. Riding together
・Hayama Marina (Hayama Town) – Zushi Marina (Zushi City) – Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima) – Hayama Marina (Hayama Town)
・ Seabornia Marina (Miura City) – Hayama Port (Hayama Town) – Zushi Marina (Zushi City)
・Oiso Port (Oiso Town) to Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)

B Charter
・Shonan Marina (Hiratsuka City) – Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)
・ Minato Mirai Pukarisanbashi (Nishi Ward, Yokohama City) – Hayama Marina (Hayama Town) – Zushi Marina (Zushi City) – Shonan Port (Fujisawa City, Enoshima)
・Shonan Sunnyside Marina (Yokosuka City) to Miura/Misaki Sea Station (Miura City)
・Shonan Sunnyside Marina (Yokosuka City) – Zushi Marina (Zushi City)
・Shonan Sunnyside Marina (Yokosuka City) – Shonan Port (Fujisawa City/Enoshima)


(3) Recruitment passenger capacity: Up to 10 people each time chartered or shared (depending on the route)


(4) Fares (depending on route):

A. Riding together
1 person 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen

B Charter
12,500 yen to 132,000 yen per boat (the rate is the same for each route, regardless of the number of people on board.)


(5) Implementation schedule: Prefecture website /seaproject/r4_kaijyo-taxi.html


2 How to apply
Please make a reservation according to the reservation method specified by each company.
The schedule, route, application method, etc. are listed on the prefectural website “We are looking for sea taxi passengers!”, so please apply directly to each business operator. /seaproject/r4_kaijyo-taxi.html


3 Implementing company
Hayama Marina Co., Ltd.
Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. (Zushi City)
Shonan Marina Co., Ltd.
KMC Corporation Co., Ltd. (Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
Shonan Sunnyside Marina Co., Ltd.


4 Others
Please see the prefecture website for detailed schedules, routes and fares. Changes due to weather conditions will be announced on the prefectural website. /seaproject/r4_kaijyo-taxi.html

In the prefecture, marine transportation that connects multiple designated points, such as marinas, harbors, and sea stations, with a passenger capacity of 12 or less (non-passenger ships), is called a “maritime taxi.”

Accepting participation:Sea taxi passengers

October 17th (Mon) to November 28th (Mon), 2022


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