Manazuru Kibune Festival

Manazuru Kibune Festival

The Kibune Matsuri is an annual festival of Kibune Shrine, and is a ship festival in which Kohaya boats and portable shrines decorated with gorgeous flower decorations and streamers are towed by a portable shrine and go to the sea.
It was designated as an intangible cultural property designated by Kanagawa Prefecture in 1958, an intangible folk cultural property designated by Kanagawa Prefecture in 1976, and an important intangible folk cultural property in 1996. Together with the Shiogama Shrine and the Shiogama Minato Festival held at Shiogama Shrine and Shiwahiko Shrine in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture, it is considered to be one of Japan’s three major boat festivals.


Date: July 27th (Wednesday) -28th (Thursday), 2022
Location: Manazuru Port and various places in Manazuru Town


This time, we will take measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, change the contents or partially cancel it. Please see the following page for details.

Manazuru Kibune Festival

July 27th (Wed) -28th (Thu), 2022


Kibune Shrine( Manazuru, Manazuru-cho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 259-0201)


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