The 37th BURAN Market

The 37th BURAN Market

The “BURAN Market” will be held on November 6th. 2022 at the shopping street in front of Yugawara Station.
This is a handicraft market where about 30 booths exhibit, including works by handicraft artists with ties to Yugawara, local products, and foods.

In addition to stage events such as street performances and festival drum performances, it is a lively event with a “special footbath” that uses 100% hot spring water from Yugawara Onsen. It is held four times a year (February, May, August and November).

The 37th BURAN Market

November 6th.(Sun), 2022 10:00-14:00


Yugawara Town, Kanagawa Prefecture Yugawara Ekimae Dori Akenagai


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