Ryusenji Hot spring, Shonan Chigasaki

Ryusenji Hot spring, Shonan Chigasaki

This natural hot spring can be used during the day at the Ryusenji Temple Yu Shonan Chigasaki store. We have many baths that are available. You can enjoy various baths at once with there are 6 types of inner baths and 5 types of outdoor baths. The hot sodium of sodium chloride salt water which is mixed with softened water and high concentration carbon dioxide dissolved in the source which is pumping up from 2,000 m underground, the blood flow will be about seven times with bathing in only 5 minutes. Recommended for those who suffer from cold or body aches. The most massive bedrock bath in the Kanto area is also very popular.

Ryusenji Hot spring, Shonan Chigasaki
ADDRESS 1339-1 Nakajima, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 0467-57-2641



No holiday


Adults (Junior high school students or older) 600 yen、Children 300 yen ※Free admission for those under 3 years old.
Stone sauna fee 300 yen (It is available for elementary school students or older. Using only stone sauna is not allowed)  


a 20 minute walk from JR Tokaido Line「Chigasaki」station or take a Kanagawa Chuo bus【茅35】bound for Hamamidairadanchi, get off at 「Machiya」and walk 10 minutes. Or a walk 18 minutes from JR 「Hiratsuka」station. Take a Kanagawa Chuo bus【茅06】bound for Chigasaki station, get off at「Imajuku」and walk 5 minutes. By car: about 2 minutes from「Chigasakinishi IC」exit on  Shinshonan Bypass.

HP http://ryusenjinoyu.com/chigasaki/

Courtesy bus service is available from Chigasaki Station, Hiratsuka Station. (only on weekdays)

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