Chigasaki Yanagishima Camping Ground

Chigasaki Yanagishima Camping Ground

The Yanagishima Campground is the only seaside campground in the Chigasaki area.
Of course you can enjoy camping with indoor accommodations and log cabin as well as at our tent site.
For BBQ, we have many rental supplies, and if you make a reservation you can also prepare ingredients at the facility. (Theres a fee)
While being touched by nature in the sea, being healed by the warmth of the trees, adults can relax with ease, children can do various activities, how about playing with this relaxing thought?
Please visit the official Facebook page for the latest information including events and sales.

Chigasaki Yanagishima Camping Ground
ADDRESS 1592-1 Yanagishimakaigan, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
TEL 0467-87-1385

7:00~22:00 (Reception Hours 9:00~18:00)


Tuesdays (Excluding July and August)
(Note 1) If Tuesday is a holiday, then we will be open that day, and close on the next weekday
(Note 2) New Years (12/29 to 1/3) we will also be open.


・Room Charge (1 Night/ with Kitchen Area) BBQ Corner, 1 Table Usage Fee Included)
Up to 7 People: 7,500円~
Up to 24 People: 19,000円~
Up to 6 People: 6,000円~
4 Clerks (Tent): 2,000円~
・Day Trip Fee (1 Day/with Kitchen Area) BBQ Corner, 1 Table Usage Fee Included)
Up to 7 People: 4,100円~
Up to 24 People: 9,800円~
Up to 6 People: 3,200円~
4 Clerks (Tent): 1,500円~
There other rentals also available.
For more details, Please refer to the official website.

PARKING LOT Up to 2 spots an be reserved for 1 site (Fee included)

Firewood (one bundle is 500 yen), charcoal (3 kg is 500 yen).
(Note) Outside items※ Can not be used with our electrical appliances.
※ Please refrain from playing with ball-related activites (including badminton, frisbee etc.) and large rope jumping in the campground.

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