Kaneda-wan Asaichi (Kaneda bay morning market)

Kaneda-wan Asaichi (Kaneda bay morning market)

The Kaneda Bay Morning Market is now a popular market, started in 1987, this market was a pioneer. Just like the old days, this market boasts a selection of (Fisherman Sales) where you can by the fresh fish, straight fom the fisherman. Becuase our goods are high quality, it is always crowded by repeating customers who are usually locals and people outside of the Kanagawa Prefecture. Recommended marine products are the sea bass, the thread-sail filefish in winter, and the Wakame’s seaweed during the harvasting season also. From spring to summer, Japanese anchovies, skipjack tuna and barracudas are available. Moreover, you can purchase agricultural products such as Miura harvested radish, cabbage and other seasonal fresh vegetables for a cheap price. There is a restaurant KANEDA on the 2F of Kaneda Fishing Port & Fisheries Center that becomes a meeting place, and you can taste hearty fisherman meals here.

Kaneda-wan Asaichi (Kaneda bay morning market)
ADDRESS 2020-5 Minamishitauramachi-kaneda, Miura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 046-886-0525 

Every Sunday 5: 50-7: 30 / May-September: Every Saturday 12: 00-16: 00 * Ends as soon as sold out


Get off at Keihin Keikyu 「Miura Kaikan」, take Keikyu bus platform No.2 bound for 「Tsurugisaki」,「Higashioka via Tsurugisaki」about 10 minutes and get off at 「Iwabu」then walk 1 minute. By car: Approximately 25 minutes from 「Sahara IC」on Yokohama-Yokosuka Road.

HP https://sea.ap.teacup.com/kaneda/

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