Kainan Shrine

Kainan Shrine

The Hainan Shrine, was established as a general guardian for the Miura Peninsula, which various Gods such as Fujiwara’s God (Sukumitsu) mainly apparent for festivals, Princess God (Mitsuwa Hime), the Land Owner God (Ogin) and One of the Miura Seven Lucky Gods Bishop enshrined ere. In the Middle of January every year, you can see festival dance and the Chakirako (Designated as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage) celebrating the New Year. Ginkgo rising in the Buddhist Precints is also on of the highlights here, which is about 800 years old.

Kainan Shrine
ADDRESS 4-12-11 Misaki, Miura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 046-881-3038 

24 hours


No holidays


No Entrance Fee


Get of at Keihin Kyukou Misakiguchi station and take Keihin Kyukou bus bound for Misaki-kou(Port) about 20 minutes,get off at Misaki-kou bus stop and walk about 3 minutes. By car: Approximately 9.5 km. from 「Hayashi IC」exit via the Miura Jukan Road.

HP http://kainan.server-shared.com/

Parking lots are available for those who come visiting and praying at the shrine only.

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