Otohime-tei Beach House

Otohime-tei Beach House

Experience marine jet and banana boat to run through Shonan’s ocean!
Sleeping all-day is a waste! Let’s play together in the beautiful water of Kamakura!
Loose waves in the shallow sea. Let’s challenge children with a body board, and a thrilling adventure in a banana boat with friends!

ADDRESS Otohime-tei Zaimokuza Beach 6 Chome-14, Zaimokuza, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
TELL 090-3239-8278 Yonezawa

Summer only


Hands-on Course 5,000 yen~


From the Kamakura Station East Exit 7 Bus stop to Kosubota via Shinkansen station, approximately 15 minutes from the Komyoji Temple Bus stop

PARKING LOT None (Please use the Prefectural Timerlain Parking Lot)
HP http://www.otohimetei.com/

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