Sakura Surf & Sports

Sakura Surf & Sports

This school has courses to prepare from kids to the adults surfing. We have experienced instructors with a small number of people to carefully guide you. We are located close to the station, so it’s easy to drop by when going to that station. In addition we provide free lockers and showers, a dressing room, rental boards and wet suits, so we can help make your surfing debut. School for beginners are held every day. Classes for women are also available. Our school is recommended for those who want to start learn, starting with building a strong foundation.

ADDRESS 3−4−6 Koshigoe, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TELL 0467-31-8384



Monday (If Monday is a holiday, we will close the next day)


1 day experiencing course 6,000 yen~


7 Minute walk from the Odakyu Katase Enoshima station. 3 minute walk from the Enomo Electric Higoshigoshi station. Approximately 17 km by car from the Yokohama New Way Toll Booth.


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