Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival

Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival

The Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival is held every summer, with about 2,000 fireworks colorfully coloring the summer night sky against the sea. You can enjoy a powerful light show because it is launched at a short distance from the viewing place. It is also possible to view from the Yugawara coast.

The fireworks to be held on August 3 are the fireworks that decorate the finale of Yugawara’s biggest event “Yassa Festival”, and you can enjoy the fireworks while enjoying the heat and excitement of the festival.
After the fireworks, you can sweat in the hot springs, which are rich in ingredients, which is a unique attraction of the hot spring area.

* Exclusion zone: Yugawara Seaside Park, Yugawara Junior High School premises, from the entrance on the Atami side of the landfill outer road to the boundary between Yugawara Junior High School and commercial facilities.
Please take measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases. Please see the following page for details.

Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival

August 3(Wed), 2022 20: 00 ~ 20: 20 (Postponed rainy weather: August 6)


Mongawa, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture

HP https://www.yugawara.or.jp/event/8097/

[Access by bus] From JR Yugawara Station, get off at the "Kadogawa" bus stop.

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