The 71st. ”SHONAN Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival"

The 71st. ”SHONAN Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival

The 71st SHONAN Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival

The “Shonan Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival”, a summer tradition in Shonan, will be held at Shonan Itako (at the mouth of the Sagami River).
About 3,000 fireworks are planned, and preparations are underway to hold a safe and secure fireworks display.
All viewing venues are paid reserved seats (advance ticket system). (There are no free spectator seats.)
For details, please check the precautions on the organizer’s website before going out.

The 71st. ”SHONAN Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival"

August 25 (Friday), 2023, 19:00-20:00 (planned) *Opening at 17:00 (tentative) / August 27th (Sunday) in case of stormy weather


Shonan Itako (Sagami River mouth)


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