2023 Kurihama Perry Festival Fireworks Display

2023 Kurihama Perry Festival Fireworks Display

The 2023 Kurihama Perry Festival will be held to mark the 170th anniversary of the arrival of the Black Ship Fleet, led by Commodore Perry, in Kurihama.
“Yokosuka Kaikoku Bazaar” and “Commemorative Ceremony for Admiral Perry’s Landing” will also be held on the same day, and the city of Kurihama will be enveloped in a festive mood for the first time in four years. Please enjoy the summer tradition of Kurihama.

Launch time (planned): Scheduled to end from 19:30 to 20:00 *The event will be held in light rain, and canceled in stormy weather.
Launch location: Near Kurihama Beach
Number of launches: about 3,500 (about 30 minutes)
Viewing place: Perry Park, Kurihama Beach, etc.

Venue Cainz Home back quay (former Nichiro quay)
3,000 seats planned
*Advance ticket 2,000 yen per seat (includes one drink)
*Same-day ticket 2,500 yen per seat (includes one drink) *Will not be sold when advance tickets are sold out.

*Please refrain from coming by car as it will cause inconvenience to neighboring houses and facilities.
*Please see the following pages for the Yokosuka Opening Bazaar, Night Bazaar, Commemorative Ceremony for Commemorating the Landing of Admiral Mizushi Perry, and other details that will be held on the day.

2023 Kurihama Perry Festival Fireworks Display

July 15, 2023 (Sat) 19:30-20:00 *Cancelled in bad weather / no postponement


Kurihama Port, Perry Park, Kurihama Shopping Street Harroad Street, etc.

HP https://kurihama.info/event/perry/

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