【NEWS】"OISO CONNECT" has opened.


OISO CONNECT is a complex facility of a bustling creation facility and a fishery cooperative facility.
The bustling creation facility sells fresh fish landed on the day at Oiso Port, as well as locally produced morning vegetables, agricultural products, and processed products and special products produced in the town. You can enjoy seasonal local ingredients while enjoying the scenery of the harbor.

At the snack corner, “OISO CONNECT curry bread,” “fish burger,” and “original soft serve” made from local Oiso ingredients are also offered.

In addition, at Oiso Port, a visitor berth has been improved and pleasure boats can now be moored.

Enjoy shopping and dining at this new facility filled with the charm of Oiso.

【NEWS】"OISO CONNECT" has opened.

1398-6 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

HP https://oiso-nigiwai.com/

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