【Kamakura】 Kamakura Kagura, a surface-to-face matrix

【Kamakura】 Kamakura Kagura, a surface-to-face matrix

【Event end】

After the Kamakura Kagura that prays for grain richness, you can see the layout matrix specified for intangible folk cultural properties in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Please come to see the figure of 10 people with Kaburaku, Bugaku and Tadaki as well as walking around the stars, along with the row of Shinko. (※ Photo provided: Kamakura City Tourist Association)

【Kamakura】 Kamakura Kagura, a surface-to-face matrix

September 18, 2019 (Wednesday)
From noon to annual festival
13:00-Kamakura Kagura
14: 30-face queue


Gorei Shrine (Sakanoshita)
(4-9 Sakashita, Kamakura City, 248-0021)

HP https://trip-kamakura.com/event/28.html

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