A Footbath Facility Doppu No Yu

A Footbath Facility Doppu No Yu

At the footbath facility “Doppu no Yu” which has hot springs, there are nine springs which stimulate the acupuncture points on the foot so that various health effects can be obtained in the garden which imaged Japanese archipelago. On the bottom of the foot, which is also called the second heart, there are 60-70 points (reflex zones), and improvement in physical condition can be expected by appropriately stimulating each point. While you can relax by soaking your feet in hot springs, we also have “foot massage” by the Yugawara Hari Moxa Massage Teacher Association.

Yugawara · Manazuru
A Footbath Facility Doppu No Yu
ADDRESS 704 Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 0465-64-2326 

10:00-18:00 (November 1~the end of Febuary next year until 17:00)


Thursday in the end of the month (In case it is a holiday, it will be closed a day before)


Adults (above 15 yeard old) 300 yen、elementary,Junior high school students 200 yen
Sole Massage 1,000 yen (15 minutes)


Get off at JR Tokaido Line「Yugawara」station, take a bus at platform no.2 bound for 「okuyugawara」or 「Fudotaki」about 10 minutes and get off at 「ochiai-bashi」bus stop. By car : about 9 km from 「Manazuru Tollgate」on Manazuru Road.

PARKING LOT Available. Please use a parking lot at 「Tourism Hall」 or 「Kogome Hot Spring Parking lot」. It is 100 yen/hr
HP http://www.yugawara.or.jp/dayplan/ashiyu.php

There is a case that holidays may be rescheduled.

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