Odawara Minoya Kichibei Nishiki-dori

Odawara Minoya Kichibei Nishiki-dori

“Minoya Kohei” Odawara’s historical figure of 450 years ago. “Ikano Shiokara”, “Kamaboko”. and “Mino”, which is a traditional ways of refining and seasoning, and the dried plum is highly appreciated by the “Imperial Family”. Salt contains a rich balance of minerals and uses the brand salt “Iku no Ki” from Izu and Oshima with a faint sweetness and flavor. Also close to the Odawara train station “Minohira Nishinomiya Store” also offers dried Oyado home-grown dried horse mackerel, thong from Sagami bay, dried mirin. On the 2nd floor, “Traditional hall from salt” is established and you can see it free of charge.

Odawara Minoya Kichibei Nishiki-dori
ADDRESS 2-7-38 Sakaechō, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 0465-23-6633 



No holidays (except for Year-End/New Year holidays)


3 minute walk from JR Tokaido Line or Odakyu Line 「Odawara」station. By car : about 2 km from 「Odawara IC」on Seishō Bypass.

HP http://www.minoya450.co.jp/

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