The Former Residence of Fujimura Shimazaki

The Former Residence of Fujimura Shimazaki

A 5 minute walk from Oiso Station along the Tokaido Railway. Fujimura’s former house, known as “the garden townhouse” is a private bungalow with an outer wall of cedar bark. The sliding door is made of Taisho glass which is now considered rare. There is a small and simple gate with a crossbar and a split bamboo fence surrounding a small garden. The view in the garden of the new leaves of Japanese photinia and Nepal holly, the flowers of Japanese morning glory and bush clover, as well as the winter camellia which came in from Yugawara, consoled Fujimura’s heart. This house is referred to as “the quiet thatched hut”. Within the garden you can still feel the care Fujimura felt towards his belief in simplicity.

Ninomiya · Oiso
The Former Residence of Fujimura Shimazaki
ADDRESS Kanagawa Prefecture, Naka District, Oiso Town, Higashi Koiso 88-9
TEL 0463-61-4100

Opening hours: 9:00 - 16:00


Mondays (unless it is a national holiday) and 29 Dec. - 3 Jan.


Free entry


5 min. walk from JR Oiso Station

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