Ōiso (sakasa no asaichi ) Oiso Fish Morning Market

Ōiso (sakasa no asaichi ) Oiso Fish Morning Market

A 15 minutes walk from the Oiso Station, lies Oiso port, which on the third Sunday of every month holds the events “Oisochi” and “Sakana no Asaichi”. It is not uncommon for there to be a line when the tickets are starting to be distributed at 8 in the morning. Even if you line up early in the morning, depending on the weather, state of the ocean, and catch amount, there are times where the fish become sold out. If that is the case, you can enjoy all the wonders in Oiso city. During the evening time, there are restaurants that open for dinner. This is the largest morning market in the Kanagawa prefecture, with around 190 stores, that sell a variety of things such as locally grown vegetables and other goods. There are also various other events such as workshops and live performances that are held each month.

In April 2021, the “Oiso Port Bustle Exchange Facility (nickname: OISO CONNECT)” opened in Oiso Port.

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Ōiso (sakasa no asaichi ) Oiso Fish Morning Market
ADDRESS Oiso Port Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka Districk, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 0463-61-0871 Oiso City Executive Committee (inside the Oiso Town Chamber of Commerce)

Oiso Market 9:00-14:00 (Night market during July~September 17:00-20:30)
Sakana no Asaichi 9:00-Sold out (Distribute numbered tickets from 8 o'clock)


※Hold on the 3rd Sunday of every month
※Hoding eventhough it rains. If cancelled because of the stormy weather, cancellation informaton will be posted on Oiso town website.


a 15 minute walk from JR Tokaido Line Oiso station. By car: Go on the Tomei Expressway towards Chigasaki, and , Take the Odawa line, via the Chigasaki Junction.and about About 16 minutes from Chigasaki Tollgate.

HP https://www.facebook.com/oisoichi

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