Kogome-no-yu hot spring, Yugawara

Kogome-no-yu hot spring, Yugawara

It is a town-operated day-trip hot spring where you can enjoy the seasonal hot water every season surrounded with quiet and relaxing historial place.
There is a large public bath and outdoor bath for each of men’s and women’s hot springs. Cityscape and Sagami bay can be seen from the public room and the cafeteria.

Yugawara · Manazuru
Kogome-no-yu hot spring, Yugawara
ADDRESS 562-6 Miyagami, Yugawaracho, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
TEL 0465-63-6944



Mondays and end of year


Adult: 1000 yen (500 yen for 7 pm - 9 pm)
Junior high school students: 500 yen (300 yen from 7 PM to 9 PM)
Elementary school student: 500 yen (300 yen for 7 pm - 9 pm)


10 minutes ride with the bus (Heading to Okuyugawara, Fudoutaki) stop at Koueniriguchi from Yugawara Station

HP http://kogomenoyu.com/

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