[Chigasaki-shi] Citizen's Festival of spring

[Chigasaki-shi] Citizen's Festival of spring

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“City Festival of spring” is held for the purpose of sending out bustle from Chigasaki-shi by carrying out hand-made festival by citizen every year. Many performance stages such as dance, mock stores and flea markets are also planned! Why don’t you enjoy the festive mood while being healed by the green of the park?

[Chigasaki-shi] Citizen's Festival of spring

Sunday, May 19, 2019 10: 00-16: 00


Chigasaki Central Park
(〒253-0041 Chigasaki city Chigasaki 2-3-1)

HP http://www.city.chigasaki.kanagawa.jp/shiminsanka/matsuri/index.html

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