【Enoshima】 Enoshima lantern cage

【Enoshima】 Enoshima lantern cage

“Enoshima lantern basket” that will celebrate the eleventh time at this event, the large and small lanterns with the motif of the Enoshima legend “Tenjou and the five head dragon” line up in various places in Enoshima, together with the light up of Esashima Shrine, the entire Enoshima is beautiful It is wrapped in “light of sum”.

We aim to be an event that can be a part of creating wonderful memories of local people and sightseeing customers, and this year we will hold it.

【Enoshima】 Enoshima lantern cage

August 1, 2019 - September 1
※ Lantern lighting time: 18: 00 ~ 20: 30
※ Enoshima Samuel · Cocking Ground closes at the facility opening hours


Enoshima Samuel · Cocking Garden /
Enoshima Sea Candle /
Esashima Shrine / various places in Enoshima Island /
Ryuguchiji etc.

HP https://enoshima-seacandle.com/event/enoshimatourou2019/

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