【Hiratsuka】 The 34th Tokura no Sato "Kisa" Satoyama Workshop

【Hiratsuka】 <Advance Registration> The 34th Tokura no Sato

【Event end】
The Yoshizawa (Kisawa) district in the western part of Hiratsuka City embraces the satoyama called “the loose district” in the south, and the beautiful scenery spreads while being close to the city area. In that wonderful environment, it is the workshop for the revitalization of Shonan Hiratsuka · Tokoro district by cooperation of Tokai University · Collaboration with Tokyo Agricultural University · It is possible to experience a different nature experience than usual. Three courses are prepared and we are waiting for you. Please join us!

【Hiratsuka】 The 34th Tokura no Sato "Kisa" Satoyama Workshop

Saturday, June 30, 2018, Sunday the 17th
13: 00 ~ 17: 00 (From reception 12:30)
【Application deadline】 Until June 27, Wednesday, 2018


Meeting place Yoshinawa Community Center Hiratsuka City
(Hiratsuka-shi Kamitsurazawa 395)

HP http://hiratsuka.johokyoyu.net/area/kisawa/default.asp?c_id=20410

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