[Yokosuka City] Kinugasa Sakura Festival

<Event held>[Yokosuka City] Kinugasa Sakura Festival

The annual Kinugasa cherry blossom festival crowded with many cherry blossom viewers.
Sakuragi Boasting 2,000 books in the prefecture, it is one of the most prestigious cherry blossoms in the prefecture, a popular spot chosen as “100 Sakura Cherry Blossom Elections”.
There are also hiking trails leading to Ookuyama, so why do not you enjoy the nature of the Miura Peninsula while watching the cherry blossoms?

[Yokosuka City] Kinugasa Sakura Festival

March 26 (Thu)-April 6 (Mon) 2020


Kinugasayama Park (4-922 Oyabe, Yokosuka 238-0026)
* During the cherry blossom festival, traffic is restricted around the park. Parking is not available. Please refrain from coming by car.

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