HAYAMA Funny house

HAYAMA Funny house

There is a chalk house in front of the gently spreading Akiya Sea.
Designed by Junzo Yoshimura, an architect who has worked on many masterpieces in modern Japanese architecture.
The house, built for two families in 1965, has since been handed over to several celebrities.
And 2015. Modern renovation of this historic masterpiece known as “House in Shonan Akiya”. It has been reborn as an antique villa with Yoshimura Ism left everywhere.
This 600-square-meter private villa overlooking the horizon is a retreat for adults, open to only two groups a day. Please spend a luxurious time while listening to the sound of the waves with your loved ones.

HAYAMA Funny house
ADDRESS 5296 Akiya, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0105
TEL 03-4405-8235 (reservation center), 046-874-9991 (local)

Check-in starts at 15:00 and final check-out is at 11:00


18 minutes by bus from platform 2 from JR Zushi Station. Get off at "Koimiishi" and walk 1 minute. * Please note that only the bus bound for Hayama does not run to Koseki.
Get off at Yokohama Yokosuka Road Zushi Inter 10 minutes. Continue to Zuba Shindo.
Exit the toll gate, turn left at the first traffic light and head towards Shonan Kokusaimura. Go through the tunnel, past Shonan Kokusai Village, and turn right when you hit National Route 134.

HP https://hayama.funnyfunny.jp/en/

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