• vol.26 Enjoyable even in the rainy season! Recommended spots in SHONAN!

Enjoyable even in the rainy season! Recommended spots in SHONAN!

The rainy season has arrived in Shonan!
But don’t worry! This time we bring you a heap of activities and leisure spots to ensure that you have a great time regardless of the weather. And don’t miss out on the chance to savor the beauty of the seasonal Hydrangea (Ajisai) flower! Enjoy!


Don’t worry about the rain! Indoor leisure spots

Yokosuka Museum of art

The museum of art opened in 2007 in a rich natural Kannonzaki Park for...read more

YOKOSUKA Yokosuka Museum of art
Kamakura Literary Museum

In the building that has become a registered tangible cultural property of the country, we have an exhibition of literary people related to Kamakura....read more

KAMAKURA Kamakura Literary Museum
Shonandai Cultural Center, Children’s Museum

The Children’s Hall located in the Shonandai Cultural Center, a 5-minute walk from the Shonandai...read more

FUJISAWA Shonandai Cultural Center, Children’s Museum
Enoshima Aquarium

The Enoshima Aquarium that originally opened in 1954, re-opens with themes such as the ‘Sagami Bay...read more

FUJISAWA Enoshima Aquarium
Hilton Odawa Resort & Spa

An oasis regaining “natural” and “beauty” in peace. At Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa, you can enjoy authentic...read more

ODAWARA Hilton Odawa Resort & Spa
Odawara Castle Interactive History & Ninja Museum

The theme is Fuma Ninja who is said to have served Mr. Hojo during the Warring States period, and it is an experience-type facility where you can learn about and play with the presence of ninjas....read more

ODAWARA Odawara Castle Interactive History & Ninja Museum
Suzuhiro Kamaboko (Fish cakes) Museum

A museum established inside the “Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Satou” facility. This musuem has a display...read more

ODAWARA Suzuhiro Kamaboko (Fish cakes) Museum
Manyo-no-yu hot spring, Odawara

Odawara is known for its castle of the Hojyo family from the Muromachi era. Today, Odawara is still...read more

ODAWARA Manyo-no-yu hot spring, Odawara

Season exclusive! Hydrangea (Ajisai) spots

Ajisai park

3000 shares of hydrangea have been selected as "100 Places of Interest for Kanagawa Flowers". The view from the hill is also great....read more

ZUSHI・HAYAMA Ajisai park
Hase-dera Temple

The Hasedera Temple is famous for the hydrangea seasonal plant and pagoda flower, but you can also enjoy azaleas...read more

KAMAKURA Hase-dera Temple

Meigetsuin Temple is where garden looking through a circular window is famous.There are also...read more

KAMAKURA Meigetsuin
Odawara Castle

The castle tower is a symbol of Odawara-shi, which was restored over a total construction cost of 80 million yen as a milestone commemoration project in 1955.
Odawara castle Ajisai&Hanajyobu Festival
...read more

ODAWARA Odawara Castle