Kamegaoka Hachimangu Shrine

Kamegaoka Hachimangu Shrine

A highlight of the Kameoka Hachimangu Shrine, which is located around shops and houses, is a stone statue of a pair of turtles in front of the the main building. The reason for statue is that this land was a gentle hill and it looked like a turtle’s back. To the Gods and the Emperor serving, in the precincts there is a shrine dedicated to the soul God of Uka and Amaterasu. At the Shinshu Festival to be held in at the Kameoka Hachimangu Shrine in November, a warrior who performed a ceremony where Yushoba is held on the Zushi coast, and it is crowded with tourists.

Zushi · Hayama
Kamegaoka Hachimangu Shrine
ADDRESS 5-2-13 Zushi, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 0467-22-3347(Yakumo Shrine Management )

All day free


No holiday


No Entrance Fee


2 minute walk from JR Yokosuka Line 「Sushi」or Keihin Kyuko 「Shinzushi」station. By car: Approximately 2 km. from 「Zushi」exit on Yokohama-Yokosuka Road.

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