Hoyano Strawberry Farm

Hoyano Strawberry Farm

This is a farm with an all-weather type large house which you can enjoy strawberry picking from the beginning of January every year to the middle of May in Hiratsuka City. You can harvest strawberries without having to worry about crouching for a long time. The farm also does not require reservation so there is a possibility that the farm closes as soon as the strawberries are gone.

Hoyano Strawberry Farm
ADDRESS 614 Shimojim, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa prefecture
TEL 080-1170-3087

Inquiries: 20: 00 ~ 21: 00
Timing: From mid-January until early May


Irregular holiday


【Reservation unnecessary】 General (elementary school student): 1,300 yen ~ 1,800 yen / elementary school student ~ 2 years old: 800 yen ~ 1,100 yen
※ Under 2 years old is free. (We refuse children’s entrance without any adult supervision)
※ Rates vary depending on the time.


•3 minutes walk from Hiratsuka station to Oshima via Tamura Souko
•2 minutes by bus from Shimojima.

PARKING LOT available
HP http://www.ichigogali.com/

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