Hayama Marina

Hayama Marina

The Hayama Marina is an attractive location with a magnificent view of Enoshima with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop.
If you like to casually cruising, you can try out the pleasure boat “Enoshima / Yujiro Lighthouse Cruising” experience!
Shonan’s scenery can be enjoyed with a short cruise of about 45 minutes, having magnificent views of the “Yujiro Lighthouse”, “Nashima”, and “Enoshima”.

Zushi · Hayama
Hayama Marina
ADDRESS 〒240-0112 50-2 Horiuchi, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa-ken
TEL 046-875-2670

9:00~17:00 (From 7/16 to 9/15, the marina will be open from 9:00 to 18:00) The times of shops and restaurants vary.


Tuesday (During the summer season, there will be no holidays.), January to February (Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be closed.)


Enoshima・Yujiro Lighthouse Excursion Cruising Ticket
Adult (1 Person): 3,000円 (Tax Excluded)
Child (1 Person): 1,500円 (Tax Excluded)
※Elementary School Students are Included as Child。
※Preschool Children, are free. (However, only one preschooler per adult)


Train/Bus: Take the Keikyu Line to Shin-zushi Station (South Exit). Then take the number 2 bus in the direction of “Hayama Isshiki (Kaigan Mawari)” and get off at “Hayama Marina”. Or take the JR Yokosuka Line to Zushi Station (East Exit) and take the number 3 bus to “Hayama Isshiki (Kaigan Mawari)” and get off at “Hayama Marina”.
Car: Take the Yokohama Yokosuka Road to Zushi interchange and then go through Zuyo Shindo and it is approximately 10 minutes.

PARKING LOT Hayama Marina Paid Parking (160 spots)
HP http://www.hayamamarina.com/

Enoshima / Yujiro Lighthouse cruise (advance reservation)
3 cruses a day (about 45 minutes) departure times
· 1st cruise: 11: 00 ~
· 2nd cruise: 13: 30 ~
· 3rd cruise: 15: 00 ~
※ Please confirm the availability by telephone beforehand when coming.
*Sometimes canceled due to weather conditions on the day.
※Please note, the final decision of cancellation will be 30 minutes before departure time.

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