The Miura coast is known as one of the major windsurfing points of Japan, because there is always good wind that blows throughout the year. In our S-RIDE we offer a wide range of support services for first-timers to specialists. You can also go sea kayaking in addition to windsurfing. Take some time and taste the feeling of adventure for awhile.

ADDRESS 7-5 Minamishitauramachi Kikuna, Miura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TELL 080-4333-4172



No holidays ※close due to bad weather


【SUP】First time experiencing school for 2 hrs 3,500 yen~
【Windsurf】Experiencing school for 2 hrs including field training and rental fees 3,500 yen~
【Sea kayak
】Rental fee for 1 person includs a free security training 3,000 yen~/half day、For 2 people 5,000 yen~/half day


About a 10 minute walk from the Keihan Kyuko Miurakaigan station, just follow the S-RIDE signs. By car, it's about a 20 minutes away from the Sawara IC via the Yokohama Yokosuka Road

HP http://s-ride.com/

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