Marine Blue

Marine Blue

At Marine Blue, we mainly provide windsurfing, we always prepare items that can be enjoyed on the sea, and we are fully equiped to have everything you need to enjoy marine sports safely and securely. Instructors teach according to the individual’s level according to their age, gender, physical fitness and stamina, so we can tailor special lessons best for you. In addition, the sail used in the lesson is a special model made lightweight materials and a certain size so that beginners can handle it easier. We will teach you the art of smooth sailing.

Zushi · Hayama
ADDRESS 3-1-4 Shinjuku, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TELL 046-873-8999



No holidays ※Except for Year-End/New Year holidays


【SUP】Visitor Experincing lesson 4,000 yen ~ 
【Windsurf】Half day experincing lesson 3,500 yen~

PARKING LOT Not available

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