"Dosun Festival-Kasake" will be held in 2022!

The “Dosun Festival”, which had been canceled for two years due to the influence of the new coronavirus, will be held in 2022.

At the Dosun Festival, along with a memorial service in memory of the Miura clan, “Kasake”, which has long been handed down as a specialty of the Miura clan, will be shown, which is one of the three major ancient archery techniques along with Yabusame and Inuoumono.

・ Date and time: May 29(Sun), 2022
11: 00-Miura clan memorial service (rainy weather)
11: 15-Shigin, playing Japanese drums
12: 00-Kasagake (light rain decisive action)
* The memorial service may be held in the rain, and other events may be canceled or changed.

* The event will be canceled if it becomes a target area for priority measures such as spread prevention and emergency measures due to the spread of new coronavirus infections in the future.

* Please wear a mask, disinfect your hands, and secure a social distance when you come to the venue.

"Dosun Festival-Kasake" will be held in 2022!

May 29 (Sun), 2022


Aburatsubo Araihama Beach (Koajiro, Misakimachi, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

HP http://www.city.miura.kanagawa.jp/shoukou/h29dousun.html

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