Soleil Hill "Happy Halloween 2021"

Soleil Hill

Enjoy Halloween on Soleil Hill!
“Happy Halloween 2021” is being held at Soleil Hill.

During the period, there will be events such as Halloween funny bag making, Halloween cookie icing, fluffy pumpkin bread making, Happy Halloween stamp rally, Halloween version of Alpaca soft, Halloween burg, Halloween dessert limited to 10 meals a day. Limited offer.

Various events and limited-time menus are offered.

・ Date: October 1st (Friday) -November 14th (Sunday), 2021

・ Admission fee: Free

* Some experience programs are charged.

* Please check the details page for the holding time, price, and location.
* Subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Soleil Hill "Happy Halloween 2021"

October 1st (Friday) -November 14th (Sunday), 2021


4 Nagai, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture


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