【Yokosuka City】 YY Festa

【Yokosuka City】 YY Festa

【Event end】

This is the 7th “YY Festa” this year. It will be held in the precinct of the “Saioi Hachiman Shrine” where the large torii is a mark. In addition to stage events and games, a number of “delicious mock stores” will also be opened. Please come to the dream festival where adults and children can all enjoy!

【Yokosuka City】 YY Festa

Sunday, May 19, 2019
9:30-15:30 (Draining)


Kamoi Hachiman Shrine precinct (〒 239-0813 Yokosuka City Kamoi 3 5-5)

HP https://www.cocoyoko.net/event/yykamoi.html

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