【Chigasaki】 Gardens of Matsukunami Plum Festival

【Chigasaki】 Gardens of Matsukunami Plum Festival

At the tea room with former garden in the Japanese garden · The shrine “Shoumuian (Sho-hoan An)” will hold the “Ume Festival” again this year. On the day, 1,500 first-served alcoholic beverages are served, besides simulated shops and Japanese drums are performed, tea can be obtained in the prepared tea room. Please enjoy the early bloomed plum in full bloom.

【Chigasaki】 Gardens of Matsukunami Plum Festival

February 11, 2019 (Sun)
10 am - 2 pm



HP http://www.city.chigasaki.kanagawa.jp/kankou_list/koen/kaika/1006963.html

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