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Yugawara Onsen is deeply connected to the same Manba Collection as the new Genroku “Ryowa”. The “Light Festival” is a popular festival every...more read

EVENT [Yugaharacho] Festival of lights

“Jogashima” is certified as a 2 star Michelin Green Guide. “Jogashima Lighthouse” and “Abozaki Lighthouse” on the beautiful island are certi...more read

EVENT [Miura City] Hiking the "Love Lighthouse" at the two-star Michelin Guide "Jogashima" and...

Enjoy the feast with soba straw miso! Straw Hat Crew and other characters are greeted throughout the island. Yarusuka ’s real uninhabited is...more read

EVENT [Yokosuka City] Banquet Island 2019 Midsummer Monkey D. Luffy Island

From the middle of September to the beginning of October, cluster amaryllis blooms around the Koide River that flows along the border betwee...more read

EVENT [Fujisawa City] The 12th Koidegawa Cluster Flower Festival

Launched in 2012, “1minute Projection Mapping” is the largest and most historic international project mapping convention in Japan and Asia. ...more read

EVENT [Odawara City] The 8th International Projection Mapping Conference-1minute Projection Ma...

The 8th Oiso-juku in Tokaido 53 and Edo from Edo was a lively post town and a resting place for travelers. The pine row road still remains i...more read

EVENT [Otsuchi Town] 26th Oiso Post Festival