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【Event end】 Annual Azumayama Rape Flower Watching. “Rapid blossom rape blossoms” of 60,000 shares of Azumayama Park full of ri...more read


Jogashima is a famous scenic spot in Narcissus in Kanagawa Prefecture, and about 35,000 visitors visit the prefectural Jogashima Park during...more read

EVENT 【Miura】 Prefectural Jogashima Park Narcissus Festival

Enoshima calling spring to the sea of Shonan “cold mikoshi racing synthesis meeting” This event celebrates adults and pray for t...more read

EVENT 【Fujisawa】 37th cold Mikoshi Imperial Gathering Competition

On the beginning of the year, Left-brain priest Shinjyu is a fire festival that is exhaling refuse, praying for the arrival of warm spring a...more read

EVENT 【Kamakura】 Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine leftist sacred shrine

It is now popular as Shonan’s poetic style, New Year’s regular “Fujisawa Seven Fukuokumigori” As you can get the ben...more read

EVENT 【Fujisawa】 Fujisawa Seven Fukuokami tour

“Shonan’s jewel” located in the upper ranking of illumination every year in the whole country. The fusion of the light of ...more read

EVENT 【Fujisawa】 Shonan's jewelry 2018-2019 ~ Light and color celebration coloring Enoshima ~