[Odawara City] The 69th Odawara Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition

[Odawara City] The 69th Odawara Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition

“Odawara Castle chrysanthemum exhibition” which is familiar as autumn’s poetry and celebrates 68th this year. It will be held at Odawara Castle Honmaru Square under the castle tower which was renewed after the completion of the major renovation of Heisei.

Please look at the gemstone making gems raised with great care such as Ogiku, Bonsai, spray chrysanthemum, including Kikuchi general flowerbed which decorated miniature of Odawara Castle with Kikumi.

[Odawara City] The 69th Odawara Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition

November 2-November 17, 2019
10: 00-16: 00


Odawara Castle Ruins Park Honmaru Square

HP http://www.odawara-kankou.com/event/eventinfo/kikkaten.html

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