【Yokosuka City】 YOKOSUKA YY Motorbike Festa

【Yokosuka City】 YOKOSUKA YY Motorbike Festa

“Vehicles” in various fields such as railroads, automobiles, naval ships of the Maritime Self Defense Force, etc. are gathered in Yokosuka in the famous Vernie Park by adding roses of about 1,400 shares!
There are also stores for commemorative photographs for children, Mini Railway, Yokosuka Gourmet’s opening, it is an event that all the family can enjoy.
Please come with your family and friends.

【Yokosuka City】 YOKOSUKA YY Motorbike Festa

Saturday, June 8, 2019-Sunday, June 9
10:00 to 16:00 ※ The stormy weather cancellation


JR Yokosuka Station, Verny Park, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka Region General Supervisory Department, [2019 Special Venue] Mitaka Park and others

HP https://www.cocoyoko.net/event/norimono-fes.html

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