【Fujisawa】 37th cold Mikoshi Imperial Gathering Competition

【Fujisawa】 37th cold Mikoshi Imperial Gathering Competition

【Event end】

Enoshima calling spring to the sea of Shonan “cold mikoshi racing synthesis meeting”
This event celebrates adults and pray for the safety of one year ‘s passing, and four mikoshi enter the sea with the adult young people this year (events passed in the sea). It is a masterpiece to go vigorously to the cold waters of the winter!

【Fujisawa】 37th cold Mikoshi Imperial Gathering Competition

Sunday, January 20, 2019 10: 30-12: 30
※ 11: From around 40 to the sea
※ Rain stopped


Katase Kohigehigahama

HP http://www.kanagawa-kankou.or.jp/event/ev_detail.php?eid=ek14517

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