[Yokosuka City] 67th Uraga Minato Festival

[Yokosuka City] 67th Uraga Minato Festival

【Event end】

“Uraka Minato Festival” with more than 60 years tradition around Uraga Port famous for Perry’s arrival will be held. Events such as dedication dance, lanterns and festival music are held around Uraga Port, and at the end of the event fireworks are launched off the coast of Uraga where Perry ‘s black ship stopped.

[Yokosuka City] 67th Uraga Minato Festival

Saturday August 17 (Sat)2019、 12: 00-20: 00
※ Firework display: 19: 30 ~ 20: 00


Nishiuraga Minato Green area and Uraga port area
※ There is no parking lot in the venue. Please come by public transport.

HP https://www.cocoyoko.net/event/uraga-fes.html

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