AaH bit

AaH bit

AaH bit is a sweets shop that sells “gluten free” and “white sugar free” items.
They use “apple honey”, a 100% natural sweetener (GI value 36) that does not raise your blood sugar level.
They create sweets and dried fruits with the body in mind, for those concerned with their blood glucose level and those who do sports. You can either eat in or take out at this shop.
They also offer gift wrapping in the online shop, so please use this system for gifts and celebrations.

AaH bit
ADDRESS Zaimokuza, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 3-9-26
TEL 0467-53-9739

※Variable according to the season




15mins on foot from Kamakura station or take Keihinkyuko bus 「Kama12」 or 「Kama40」 from Yokosuka line Kamakura station East exit and get off at 「Linkai Gakuen」. 2mins on foot.

PARKING LOT Two space available
HP http://www.aahbit.com/

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