LONCAFE Shonan Enoshima Main Store

LONCAFE Shonan Enoshima Main Store

The Roncafe is located in the Samuel Cocking Garden at the top of the island where you can take a walk around Enoshima.
There is a nice park wrapped in trees and flowers. It boasts the prospect of Enoshima.
From the opening of 2003, we have had a lot of guests from far away, not only from Shonan. We also have a Shonan style menu with a superb view over Sagami Bay.
Just a little after everyday, how about a comfortable resort time to reach if you extend your arms?

LONCAFE Shonan Enoshima Main Store
ADDRESS Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden 2 Chome-3-38 Enoshima, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken 251-0036
TEL 0466-28-3636

Weekdays 11:00~20:00/ Holidays 10:00〜20:00 (Last Order at 19:30)

NUMBER OF SEATS 47 seats (23 seats in the store 24 seats on the terrace)

20 minutes on foot from the Odakyu Line Katase Enoshima Station
30 minutes on foot from the Enoshima Electric Rail Line Enoshima Station
30 minutes on foot from the Shonan Monorail Shonan Enoshima Station

PARKING LOT There is 650 paid parking spots available on the Enoshima Island
HP https://loncafe.jp/enoshima.html

※ If you stop the car at the parking lot under Enoshima on the car, please walk ahead or aim at the observation platform using Enoshima Escar (charge).
LONCAFE has entrance of ""Samuel Cocking Garden"" and has the view of Enoshima Ichi with Miami Square on the right.

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