A Chinese restaurant that is famous for Gyoza and Chashu (braised pork). There are customers who live locally in Zushi and also customer who travel from far away. Chashu-men, a ramen dish, topped with chashu, fried rice and the chashu rice bowl is very popular. We recommend the「Gomoku Sanma-men」. Our Sanma paste is lighter than Shoyu ramen’s soup and you can enjoy the delicious taste of chashu that becomes soft from the soup. We also have about 75 menu items such as Hiyashi chuka (cold ramen) during the summer, Nabeyaki Udon in winter and more that everyone from children to eldery will surely enjoy.

Zushi · Hayama
ADDRESS 1-3-31 Zushi, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 046-871-2968

【Sunday & Holidays】






【public transportation】1 min walk from JR Zushi Station, East exit

TOBACCO smoking free

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