Fukuura Fishing Port Minato Shokudo

Fukuura Fishing Port Minato Shokudo

You can eat fresh seafood dishes at reasonable prices at the fishery cooperative association directly operated fishing port.
A 10-minute walk from Manazuru station, there is also a directly-managed shop in Fukaura where taste of local fish can be enjoyed in the morning, terrace seating with a sea view.
Fukuura Fisheries Cooperative Association directly managed shop, Fukuura fishing port is the seafront dining room at the far end of the sea.
Fukuura Port, Matsuru Port Harvested on a set net Since we are using any fish in the morning freshness comes with origami.
Taste fresh fish at plentiful reasonable price, stomach and wallet are also satisfied, it is a store many repeaters gather fish likes in and out of prefecture regardless of local.

Yugawara · Manazuru
Fukuura Fishing Port Minato Shokudo
ADDRESS 109−2 Fukuura Hama, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken
TEL 0465-20-7005





1,000 yen -


Get off at JR Manazuru station, 13 minutes on foot

PARKING LOT 17 units
HP http://fukugohan.bg.fc2.com/bg-entry-651.html

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