Nishiwaki Strawberry House

Nishiwaki Strawberry House

“kuchi hoppe” strawberry that has a nice balance between sweet and sour. “yotsuboshi” strawberries which has refreshing sweet taste and the “OiC berry” which is rich in vitamin C and tastes very sweet when it’s ripe.
The farm offer services such as free condensed milk to eat together with the picked strawberries. Please check out the homepage for reservation method and other details. They also sell handmade jams and vegetables according to the season.

Nishiwaki Strawberry House
ADDRESS 5-6-4 Tsukui, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 046-848-2548

Reception hours: 8: 00-21: 00
Timing: from the beginning of January until the end of May.


(Please confirm the dates on the homepage)


【Reservation required】 Adult (above elementary
school students): 1,100 ~ 1,700 yen / 3 years old ~ Preschool children: 500 ~ 1,300 yen / 2 years old: 500 yen
※ Rates vary depending on the time.


About 12 minutes on foot from Keikyu Line, Keikyu-Nagasawa Station

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