• vol.47 Let's enjoy the sea of SHONAN at the pier and surrounding sightseeing spots! ~Oiso edition・Hayama edition~

Let's enjoy the sea of SHONAN at the pier and surrounding sightseeing spots! ~Oiso edition・Hayama edition~

At the SHONAN sea, you can enjoy scenery that you can’t usually see. You can spend a little luxurious time with your friends and enjoy a sense of freedom that you don’t get in everyday life.
We will introduce the harbor and sightseeing spots so that you can enjoy the SHONAN sea even more.

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Oiso Port Visitor Berth

In order to have many people use Oiso Port, the port which was previously only able to dock with large ships, has been improved, and now pleasure boats can dock here. There are new spots and leisure facilities in the surrounding area, so there are many ways to enjoy the port, such as lunch, activities, and overnight stays.
oiso visitor berth

Full view of Oiso Port Visitor Berth Photo from the side of the Oiso Port Visitor Berth Bit of Oiso Port Visitor Berth

Surrounding sightseeing & area information

Pictures of Oiso

Oiso City

At the Oiso Market held on the third Sunday of every month, freshly caught fish are sold. In addition to food stalls, there are also times when around 190 shops selling Oiso vegetables and miscellaneous goods gather here. Workshops and live performances are sometimes held, making it one of the largest morning markets in Kanagawa Prefecture.

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Surrounding spots



At the store on the 1st floor of the OISO CONNECT complex, you can find fresh fish caught on the same day at Oiso Port, as well as local vegetables harvested in the morning, agricultural products, and processed and specialty products produced in the town.
At the snack corner, you can enjoy original light meals such as fish burgers and soft serve ice cream. At the "Oiso Connect Cafe Grill and Pancakes" on the 2nd floor, you can taste a wide variety of dishes using seasonal local ingredients while enjoying the view of the port.

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Oiso Prince Hotel

Oiso Prince Hotel

A hotel where you can enjoy your stay in the image of a seaside villa. You can spend a healing and relaxing time throughout the year in Shonan "Oiso", a historic villa area where you can enjoy the view of the sea and Mt.Fuji. The spa has an infinity pool, various saunas with different temperature zones, Japanese, Western and Chinese restaurants, cafes and bars.

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Oiso Long Beach

Oiso Long Beach

At the seaside resort pool overlooking Sagami Bay, there are 10 types of pools in the facility, including the 30cm deep "fountain children's pool", the "flowing pool", and the "kids water paradise" where you can enjoy surprise Dump Bucket. There are many pools that children can enjoy. For adults, we recommend the “diving pool” with a thrilling diving board and the “waterslide”.

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Hayama Port Visitor Berth

There are many popular sightseeing spots around Hayama, the birthplace of yachts in Japan. Hayama Port, located in a scenic spot that represents Sagami Bay, is a port that is widely open to the general public. There is a guest berth for those coming by boat at Hayama Koumi no Eki. On sunny days, you can see Enoshima and even Mt. Fuji in the distance from the coastline. You can spend a relaxing time with a scenery that is different from everyday life.

Hayama Port Visitor Berth Sculpture Exterior of Hayama Port Visitor Berth The sea seen from the Hayama Port Visitor Berth

Surrounding activities

afternoon cruise

Afternoon cruise

The "Afternoon Cruise", where you can casually get a boat experience, allows you to rent a boat and enjoy the sea of Hayama, and enjoy Hayama's popular spots from the sea. While feeling the sea breeze, you can see Morito Shrine, Yujiro Lighthouse, Najima's Maritime Torii, and more up close.

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Surrounding spots


Marlowe Hayama Marina shop

A harbor view cafe where you can see the sea and harbor of Hayama not only from the terrace seats, but also from inside the shop. You can enjoy delicious dishes such as popular handmade baked puddings, special drinks and light meals.

There are other restaurants in Hayama Marina that offer a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese menus.


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Other ports and marinas

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Some harbors and marinas also offer visitor ship reception, charter boats, rental boats, cruising, sailing, fishing, dining, shopping, barbecues, and boat license acquisition.

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