Winter season! Cooking experience report

This time we will report on authentic "sushi making experience" using fresh seafood from SHONAN!
Recently, it’s not easy to find opportunity to learn making popular cuisine like sushi.
This sushi making experience is a perfect way for children to adult to have fun together under a professional’s guide.
Here, the Itacho (Sushi chef) uses only fresh fish picked up at SHONAN's fishing port.
Let’s begin my very first sushi making experience!

冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート

First of all, we listen to the explanation of the sushi chef and begin the preparation.
Start by cutting the fishes to smaller pieces "3 mai oroshi".
The chef will help and support you by carefully taking out the bones from the fish.

冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート

After finishing the preparation of "Mebai" (the name of the fish kind) it’s then followed by cutting the squid.
First of all you will need to remove the cartilage and carefully peel off the skin.

冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート

After peeling off the squid’s skin, you will need to put them in a boiling water.
Guess what! It’s snack time!
Participants are allowed to taste the broiled squid all together. Yum!
And finally we learn how to make “Nigiri” sushi with hands.

冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート

While imitating how to grasp by looking at the chef, you will gradually get used to it.
(you might think this is the perfect job for you!)

冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート

Your original sushi is done now!
Lastly, you can decorate and add fillings of your own preferences.

冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート 冬が旬!お料理体験レポート

Since it’s a three hour class, you are sure to get really hungry by the time you’re finished.
Now that you have your own original sushi, let’s start tasting them!
Yum, it tasted better than any of the sushis that I’ve tried before.
What’s special in this winter season are “Mebaru fish”, “Yariika squid”, “Darumaika squid”
and many other seasonal ingredients!
This is definitely a fun experience you can enjoy with your friends and family!

※For detailed information on "Satsuma Flagship Store" please see the link below

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